Jeremiah 29:11- I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.


God’s beloved!

The Master’s planting missions, ideas, and thoughts into the minds of His children. These movements make huge impacts for the entire world.

God touches one, but through that one, many reap blessings. Remember Jesus?

Nations today, still get enriched by countless testimonies, trials, and tribulations they witnessed the Lord going through. Although Jesus never spoke of His pain, heartache, and agony, yet multitudes did. Believers saw from their very own eyes, the strongest Fighter following God’s commands from the cradle to the grave.

Where would all this discipline lead to, and when would it all end, some wondered? Jesus never gave it a second thought. He just followed His Father’s commandments to the hilt.

In the beginning

I remember first starting out in ministry, God sent a prayerful acquaintance to confirm what He’d been whispering to me already. In the still of night, a calm, yet strong voice assured Proverbs 18:16-“Your gift will make room for you.” Still, I let worrying thoughts run rampant in my mind. I worried if I’d be able to handle working my full-time day job, and still be able to devote ample time into my ministry. I worried if the needed resources would be available. I just worried, worried and worried more and more!  Of course, gifts and talents can be challenging to maintain, because I consider my writing, and speaking as my babies. But can they draw the interest of real admirers?

At first, it’s difficult to tell exactly what’s going on. You know your gift moves you. It’s what wakes you in the morning, and the last task done at night, and what’s roaming in your mind throughout the day, what you dream about, but for some reason, friends are not impressed. The funding for your book publishing deal failed to come through. And the inspiration that once seemed so near has vanished. Then there goes that doubt peeking in; then paralyzing fear arrives, and before you know it, you’ve backed out of former deals with the Lord. You debate, and say: “God, I’ve been through too much, I’m broken, I’m unloved by many, I’m poor, I’m unpopular, and I’m unsure of myself because of it all.”

And then that still, yet strong voice speaks again. It says: “Those are the perfect reasons it takes to be My ambassador. You harbor many creative stories to tell, that can help reel others in. Now, cast your net into the deep.”


If I can……..

If I can help you any, I will say this: If I can encourage, mentor, and empower the world, anyone can- meaning, as a child, adult, all throughout my life, and even just recently, challenges threatened me, and dared me to get back up, they have kicked at me to sit back down.

When I was four years old, a Pre-k teacher physically assaulted me everyday in the class bathroom. At the top of the class, she’d start off each morning by staring me down from her desk.

Then she’d drag me to the bathroom, and strip me down naked, and severely whip me all the way down, from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Even though the teacher yelled for me to lie down before, after, and during the ferocious beatings, and as pee trickled down my legs, I still stumbled into a wobbly stand.

By my physically standing up, and for my sister, Tammy standing up, and reporting the incident to our parents when we got home. She saw the incident as she passed by in the hallway with her classmates and teacher. Both of our courageous acts stopped the horrible acts of abuse.

Spankings were a form of disciple in our household, so I never thought twice to tell my mother or stepfather what that mean ole teacher did. I was confused. I failed to differentiate between the whippings of my parents and the teacher.

As an adult, I survived domestic violence from a live in ex-boyfriend. My fight this time, was physically fighting back for my life. The second time he attacked me, was his last time!

I overcame enemy attacks from all kinds enemies that vented verbal abuse, gossiped, made fun of me, bullied me, and told all kinds of lies on me. All of my life, I’ve been really small, and quiet. Both of these characteristics attracted bullies. They like easy wins. And what’s more easy than quiet, skinny people?

Haters constantly accused, picked, threw mud, and caused all kinds of chaos. And being a child of God, I recognized why they were so full of hate. But first, let me tell you how I responded, and thought.

If you’ll just pay close attention to life, and what it’s all about, you’ll grow. Life’s all about learning to live, laugh, love, and blossom through it all. If any part is left out or forgotten about, the purpose and passion for life wouldn’t mean one, single thing would it?

You see, joy is a fruit of the spirit. It’s the defining attribute that separates Christians from the world. Joy comes from the Lord above. God gives us joy, so we can smile through pain. If we’ll stand strong in our fight, and in what we believe, that pain will soon turn into victory. So, remember to keep your joy.

As a kid and an adult, this joy lives vibrantly in me, and it’s what I still feel, and submit to. Even when I’m alone, caught in the pouring rain, or just going through troubling trials, I’m just a naturally happy go lucky person! I laughed when the world thought I should’ve been crying. That’s how I survived the world! That’s how I won the fight! I, call it as the Apostle Paul did. I call victory into existence before it’s actually happens, because that’s how my Father speaks it. In the Word, God says, “I have spoken! It is done! For I am with you! Go forth!”  T

Just tell me who’s word outweigh’s the Master’s?!


Find your fight!

How to know what’s your fight, or what you’ve been placed in the world to do, is when something inside bleeds hurt, yet you seek complete healing for it, without a mask or a cover up. Night and day, your heart searches, and aches for a solution, and will not be satisfied until one is found. That to you is-your stand-your fight-your gift to give back to the world, and to God!

If we’ll just learn how to stand, as I did as a four year old child, then that’s our suitable fight- that’s our stance, and God will bring along His Mighty fight as well!

If fear comes along- and it surely will. Ask yourself. Who can stand the hand against God!

Even as a baby, I knew that teacher’s beatings spoke of a wrong offense against me, and of something wicked.

Just as God knows our fight, and victory, so does Satan.

That’s why the devil attempted to take me out as a child.

Psalm 105:15- “Do not touch My anointed ones; And do My prophets no harm!”




Are you ready for a breakthrough so simple, yet so hard for the average to believe? Here it is! There’s more, but in a series, I’m breaking it down into Scriptures. The first one is: Psalm 35:20,21

 Psalm 35:20,21- For they do not speak peace, but they devise deceitful matters against the quiet ones in the land. 21- They also opened their mouth wide against me, and said, “Aha, aha! Our eyes have seen it.”

A quiet spirit speaks of having peace

Most are afraid of peaceful people. At any cost, the average person like trouble, noise versus calm, and stillness. Just for time to pass by quickly, or for gossip to fill the room. The majority looks down on the peaceful.

Remember, how the townsfolk-people in Christ’s own hometown witnessed His miracles, yet still desired that a rebel come off of the cross, and wanted the sweet Lord hung on one? Luke 23: 18- And they all cried out at once, saying, “Away with this Man, and release to us Barabbas”-who had been thrown into prison for a certain rebellion made in the city and for murder.

The world doesn’t want that good man living freely out in the world- they don’t appreciate his lovingkindness, and calmness. That bad boy’s more appealing.

In the nineties, a “Roughneck” described what teenage girls, and even some adult women called guys they desired to date. The “nice” fellows got the shaft really quickly or got toyed with.

My friends of the Lord, and the good in the land, please refuse to live like followers, or to do what the rest of world and the lost does. Don’t change to fit in. Keep your peace, and goodness. But do find that fight inside, and fight that cause. Carry a big sword, a wide shield, two fists, and the mighty hands of God to help with the fight!

The world must know who you are! You are a beloved child of the Most High God, who are in Heaven and on earth!

If you know you are beloved, and one of God’s precious’s gems, how do you celebrate this? Is it a struggle? Would you like help with learning how to appreciate being God’s beloved child? Everlasting Life and Love Ministries Inc will show you how to stand strong at all times!


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God’s beloved written by C. Calton

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